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Chocolate Factory

You wouldn’t believe it at first but there is a Charly who actually does own a chocolate factory in Bali. Of course we found him and, with the hectares of cocoa plantations growing in Sumba, invited Charly to re-create a twin on the grounds of Nihi Sumba Island. Rumors has it it that Charly lives and sleeps among the trees of Nihi Sumba Island chocolate factory…..

So what greater partnership than one with cocoa plantations, chocolate turtles and our own hot cocoa!

Join our wizards every day between 12-3pm for some fun organic chocolate making.

Chris and Charly’s chocolate factory is an escape for the little ones. Aside from the actual factory itself, this haven of fun, tucked in the shade by the creek on the way to the Stables, will keep the little ones fun and fulfilled from 10am-5pm daily.

Our Chocolate Wizards and dedicated babysitters will ensure you can spend some quality time on and by yourself for a few hours without the guilty conscience of having to keep your kids riveted. Activities will range from card games to Twister to playing on the Pirates’ Ship or doodling on blackboards.Children will be engaging in traditional Sumba Dancing and Bahasa Classes along with Hokey Pokey, Funky Chicken.

Our Wizard will conduct them through our Nature trail, organic garden and farm tours , scavanger hunts. Not enough? What about sand castle making, Kids Yoga, and Mask making? And when lunch time comes around, food can be ordered directly to the Chocolate Club and unlimited juices, water and milk will be on hand.

The fun starts here – Charly awaits for you!!!!!