Miles of incredible coastline and no local commercial fishing provide the ingredients for prolific sport-fishing action.

The Indian Ocean’s underwater sea life is dynamic and intense, yet inspires stillness and harmony. Discover its exotic energy and beautiful wildlife with any one of our individual activities, or a tailored package for enthusiasts.

Deep sea fishing off of the coast of Nihi produces some impressive catches. Our offshore eco-systems provide an active deep sea fishing excursion for big game enthusiasts. Our expert boatmen and local fishermen will locate the most active spots, and assist with prep and line as needed. Set out early in the morning and your catch will be ready for lunch! For the more intrepid guest, a two-hour spearfishing class combines sport with the awe of the underwater world. If you prefer to relax on the water, enjoy a scenic boat ride with a breakfast or lunchtime troll, then jump in the water for a swim with colorful fish.

Through selective hunting and sustainable spearfishing, we are able to ensure the well being of our marine ecosystem. We target both ocean going and reef species, but have a strict policy of avoiding any species that are under environmental pressure or that are not desirable for eating.

All spearfishing is done without the use of Scuba tanks, utilising a single breath hold to spear your dinner. Safety is a top priority, with a properly trained waterman always providing direct supervision.

We require all first time spearfishing enthusiasts to take our 3-4 hour spearfishing lesson in order to learn about safety, equipment, and technique.

We offer top of the range equipment so there’s no need to drag your gear across the world with you!


* Limited accessibility during rainy season, please check ahead with our reservations team or once you arrive at the resort