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English goes to Kampung

Sumba’s children and youth, its generation of hope, are ill-prepared and ill-positioned to deal with the inherent challenges and opportunities of this new economic stimulus on their own. Few of the Sumbanese who live in rural villages (where poverty is at its most marked) speak English. Yet a basic command of the English language is an important stepping stone to tapping into job opportunities presenting themselves through the burgeoning tourism sector and other related sectors. There is a real need to provide Sumba’s village youth with resources to learn English.

In 2015, an independent initiative, English Goes to the Kampung (EGK), was begun to meet this need. Roswita Asti Kulla, a young teacher and a local Sumbanese herself, with few resources beyond her own limited ones and a big heart, began going to villages (kampungs) to teach the rudiments of English and life skills to the children in the coastal and rural areas around her home. These were children who often were not able to get to school because of distance or because of the demands of daily survival which would not permit them the time or the latitude to attend school.

English goes to Kampung

Asty is driven by her concern for her island’s next generation. She herself comes from an impoverished background but has risen above it despite the lack of financial resources which has deprived her of the opportunity to pursue her own dreams for higher education. She says,

“I won’t let the next generation lose their hopes or dreams because of lack of money. I want them to live better, and to succeed in achieving their dreams for the future. For this, they must have jobs and they must learn work- and life-skills that will allow them to be self-sufficient. We desperately need resources – human and material – to achieve this and to prepare them for a world that globalization is bringing to Sumba”

The Vision

To create a better and more sustainable life for young Sumbanese children along the coastal areas and the inland villages on the island of Sumba.

The Mission

To reach out to children all across the island to teach them conversational English.

Conducting activities that develop solidarity among people, appreciation and love for the environment and a healthier way of life for all communities.

Conducting creative empowerment activities aimed towards building an independent and productive community.

Conducting social, cultural and environmental studies.