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Mountain Biking

Explore Sumba’s rolling hills and lush scenery atop one of our mountain bikes.

Our guides will show you the untouched beauty of Sumba from valley trails, through nearby villages, to expansive beaches, where you can observe daily life as a local and immerse yourself in nature.

We will help you choose a route according to skill level, tailoring an itinerary that combines a great workout with unmatched sightseeing. Our bike expert Stefano Lopez recently scouted some new routes, so you can discover the island at any level.


A scenic, flat ride through the rice fields, featuring riverside villages, sandy beaches, and picnic at Lapopu waterfall to finish the excursion.


Depart from Nihi for a mixed terrain cruise that combines heart pumping hills with flatland views of Kerewe beach, and a final stop at Rice Island.


A mix of formidable climbs with exhilarating downhills along the highlands of Lamboya. Discover remote villages, rural landscapes, and the white sands of Marosi beach, all while enjoying a great workout.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking