This is not an Escape from the everyday Life …
It is the Return to a Life well Lived.


A rare tale began when Sumba’s ancestors the ‘Marapu’ landed on its secluded beach years ago. Since then, the same beach has attracted surf lovers around the world in search of the perfect wave. Soon NIHI® emerged as a collective vision to preserve the purity and the magnificence of Sumba. Ten years into our journey, NIHI® is a collection of off-script experiences with purpose in destinations at the Edge of Wildness™ – earning The World’s Best Resort accolade two years in a row.

NIHI® successfully differentiates itself from its competitive set by marrying local culture and philanthropic efforts into its ethos.

We began the expansion by carefully selecting unique sites for new management contracts and developments at the epicenter of dynamic markets. These sites will incorporate the successes and lessons learned from NIHI® Sumba. More importantly they will be infused with NIHI®'s unique DNA, created by Chris Burch and James McBride, that has propelled NIHI Sumba to attract the recognition and visitor reviews it has achieved in recent years.

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A Brand to Watch

I’ve long been a fan of Chris Burch and James McBride as they’ve built Nihi, a discerning hotel on Sumba in Indonesia. It is the spiritual heir of what Adrian Zecha first created with Aman, while also being completely fresh and new. And now the brand is slowly and thoughtfully growing with locations coming in Santo Tomas, Costa Rica, as well as Rote Island, Indonesia. Watch this one closely, as these two don’t miss.

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NIHI Santo Tomás

Characterized by a sense of tranquil seclusion and just a 2,5 hour flight from Miami, NIHI® Santo Tomás features two private beaches and the closest proximity to Costa Rica’s world-famous cult wave Witch’s Rock.

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A stunning escape on a secluded corner of Rote Island in West Timor, with 24 thatched pool villas and highly sought-after world-class surfing waves in front of Bo’a beach.

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