The rates listed below are per villa per night, and based on double occupancy. Rates include all meals, accommodation, non alcoholic drinks, local excursions, wi-fi and many sea activities.

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Our Rates

2023/2024 Season
15 Oct - 15 Dec 2023
15 Jan - 31 Mar 2024
1 Apr - 14 Oct 2023
16 Dec 2023 -14 Jan 2024

1 Bedroom

Marangga $ 2,155 $ 2,995
Raja Marangga Duplex $ 2,155 $ 2,995
Raja Kanatar $ 1,865 $ 2,595
Lulu Amahu 1 $ 1,505 $ 2,095
Raja Lamba $ 1,725 $ 2,395
Lamba $ 1,725 $ 2,395
Kanatar $ 1,505 $ 2,095
Kasambi $ 1,075 $ 1,795
Lantoro $ 1,075 $ 1,795
Wamoro $ 1,075 $ 1,795

2 Bedroom

Raja Mandaka $ 8,585 $ 10,095
Kasambi $ 3,165 $ 4,395
Lantoro $ 3,165 $ 4,395
Wamoro $ 3,165 $ 4,395
Lulu Amahu 2 $ 2,015 $ 2,795

3 Bedroom

Mamole Tree House $ 6,235 $ 7,795

4 Bedroom

Puncak $ 6,635 $ 8,295
Kasambi Estate $ 5,395 $ 7,495
Lantoro Estate $ 5,395 $ 7,495
Wamoro Estate $ 5,395 $ 7,495

6 Bedroom

Raja Mandaka - Owner's Estate $ 16,195 $ 20,675
2023 Season
2023/2024 Season
9 Jan - 31 Mar 2023
15 Oct - 15 Dec 2023
15 Jan - 31 Mar 2024
1 Apr - 14 Oct 2023
16 Dec 2023 -14 Jan 2024

1 Bedroom

Marangga $ 1,650 $ 2,155 $ 2,995
Raja Marangga Duplex $ 1,650 $ 2,155 $ 2,995
Raja Kanatar $ 1,595 $ 1,865 $ 2,595
Lulu Amahu 1 $ 1,145 $ 1,505 $ 2,095
Raja Lamba $ 1,095 $ 1,725 $ 2,395
Lamba $ 1,095 $ 1,725 $ 2,395
Kanatar $ 895 $ 1,505 $ 2,095
Kasambi $ 895 $ 1,075 $ 1,795
Lantoro $ 895 $ 1,075 $ 1,795
Wamoro $ 895 $ 1,075 $ 1,795

2 Bedroom

Raja Mandaka $ 8,095 $ 8,585 $ 10,095
Kasambi $ 2,245 $ 3,165 $ 4,395
Lantoro $ 2,245 $ 3,165 $ 4,395
Wamoro $ 2,245 $ 3,165 $ 4,395
Lulu Amahu 2 $ 1,395 $ 2,015 $ 2,795

3 Bedroom

Mamole Tree House $ 6,045 $ 6,235 $ 7,795

4 Bedroom

Puncak $ 6,595 $ 6,635 $ 8,295
Kasambi Estate $ 3,845 $ 5,395 $ 7,495
Lantoro Estate $ 3,845 $ 5,395 $ 7,495
Wamoro Estate $ 3,845 $ 5,395 $ 7,495

6 Bedroom

Raja Mandaka - Owner's Estate $ 14,030 $ 16,195 $ 20,675

Send us an email to [email protected] to know more about our rates.

  • All rates are in $ USD
  • All rates are exclusive of 21% government tax & service charge
  • Rates are per villa, per night and based on double occupancy per room



Additional People

• Children aged 12 & over or adults: US$350 per person per night • Children aged 6 – 11: US$175 per person per night • Children aged 5 & under: Complimentary

Baby cots can be accommodated (complimentary).

These rates are subject to 11% government tax and 10% service charge and are non-commissionable.

Maximum Room Occuppancy

• 3 persons (3 adults or 2 adults + 1 child). The 3rd adult or child aged 6 and above is an extra charge per night.

Minimum Night Stay

• Come for a night or forever! Enjoy No minimum stay until December 15th, 2024

Check-In & Check-Out

• Check-In from 2:00 pm • Check-Out until 11:00 am


Room Rate Inclusions

• Three daily meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all non-alcoholic drinks • Unlimited Wi-Fi • In-villa mini bar (1 full restock per day) • Happiest Hour at the Boathouse Bar, daily from 5:30pm to 6:30pm with free-flow domestic beers and house wine • Complimentary tour of projects by The Sumba Foundation • Water Activities: Stand-up paddle boarding and snorkeling around Nihiwatu Beach (when weather conditions permit) • Guests can also participate in our scheduled group yoga & meditation classes at the Yoga Pavilion. •

Please note that all additional activities and services, not stated in the above, including alcoholic beverages, tobacco, fishing trips, boat excursion, jet ski, tow surfing, spear fishing, private Yoga/Pilates/TRX instruction, private surf lesson, waterfall treks, additional surfer spots, spa treatments, boutique purchases, private open-air Land Rover discovery trips and babysitter services, are available at additional charges.

Stand-up paddle boarding and snorkeling around Nihiwatu Beach. Kindly be advised that these activities are not activities that we can do every day. These activities are weather and wave dependent. Kindly communicate with our boathouse team during your stay if you would like to do these activities.

Deposit Policy and Payment Details

  • A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking
  • The balance of 75% is required 3 months prior to arrival


NIHI Sumba bookings are typically made one year to six months in advance and most international flights inbound to Indonesia are fully booked two to three months prior to planned arrival dates. Therefore we have little chance to re-sell cancelled accommodation and must treat cancelled bookings as unrecoverable.

Cancellations must be received by NIHI Sumba in writing either by email or fax.

All reservations will adhere to cancellation policy below:

Cancellation Policy for Reservations booked after March 1st, 2023

  • 90 – 61 days before arrival = 50% of total booking
  • 60 – 31 days before arrival = 75% of total booking
  • 30 days or less = 100% of total booking

No refund will be given for any cancellations 30 days prior to arrival including no-shows or days not used resulting from early check-out.

Any reservation cancelled 91 days or more before arrival, will adhere to the non-refundable 25% deposit taken at the time of booking.

In the event of a late arrival, the resort will be pleased to extend a stay, provided there is availability, however, the resort cannot be held accountable for any flight delays or cancellations.

Reservation Procedures

All reservations have to be submitted to the resort’s reservations department at [email protected] and are subject to availability. Reservations shall not be binding until written acceptance and confirmation has been received from the resort. A change of name is considered a cancellation and rebooking and is subject to availability at the time of the name change.

In order for us to provide a personalized service a Guest Registration Pre-Arrival questionnaire will be submitted to the hotel for all bookings confirmed.

Surfing at NIHI® Sumba

At the very heart of the NIHI® Sumba experience is a Perfect Left. The magic of this perfect wave has and always will be the wild and unfiltered freedom surfers who visit our resort are able to feel while experiencing this extraordinary part of the Indian Ocean.

We want to provide our guests with a truly unforgettable, transformative, and crowd-free surfing experience so to do this, we limit the number of surfers to 12 at any given time. While there may be the occasional exception to this rule (see the fine print below), we are committed to the fun, freedom, and safety that having some boundaries in place allows.

Our jet-ski service fee is part of a safe and sound surf experience at NIHI® Sumba. This is charged at US$ 100.00 per day or US$ 125.00 during high season, covering jet-ski services from the shoreline to Occy’s Left, which is approximately 800 ft (245 mts) away from the NIHI boathouse.

The Fine Print:

  • The above jet-ski service and admin fee is subject to 11% government tax and 10% service charge and is non-commissionable.
  • A maximum of 1 surf slot per room per day applies. We will need to know how many guests will be surfing at the time of paying the resort booking deposit.
  • There may be times, due to an extended booking, that an additional surfer is booked for a few days but generally we are very much committed to our 12 surfer quota.
  • For groups who book the whole resort, there is no limit to number of surfers.
  • Please note that only registered surfers will be allowed to surf. On registration, you will receive a confirmation from the Boathouse prior to your arrival, confirming your surf slot.
  • Should the Boathouse Manager deem the sea conditions unfavorable or unsafe for surfing at any time, jet-ski service fees will be refunded to guests, assuming no surfing took place on that day. If very experienced surfers decide to surf in unfavorable conditions, they will still be charged for their jet-ski service fee.
  • If the Boathouse Manager deems it unsafe to surf at all, we will not allow any surfing to take place this day. The final authority lies with the Boathouse Manager, or in his absence, the Surf Coach.
  • Surf lessons and surf safaris (off-site surfing spots) are charged at an additional charge, to cover our team’s time and transportation to those locations.
  • Based on airline regulations, passengers are limited to one (1) board per person with a maximum length of 7 feet. For surfboards that exceed this limit, please email us for special arrangements. Please note that airlines apply additional charges according to the carriers’ policy.
  • Surfboards longer than 2.30m (7ft) will have to be sent separately and overland at extra charge due to limited cargo space on all flights serving Sumba.



It is a condition of everyone using the rates and services offered by NIHI Sumba, and its owning company PT Indonesia Adventure Sports, that all clients (including individuals, companies and other legal entities) have adequate insurance cover against all risks associated with overseas travel and appropriate medical and other insurance prior to departure from their country of origin. A visit to Indonesia, and particularly a remote destination such as Sumba, entails an element of risk and neither NIHI Sumba, its owning company PT Indonesia Adventure Sports, nor their officers and employees shall be liable in any way for any loss or damages, expenses or costs arising from any incident involving clients (individuals, companies and other legal entities) that may occur whilst using any of the services provided by the NIHI Sumba Island or third parties contracted.

It is the responsibility of every client (including individuals, companies and other legal entities) to assess their own insurance requirements and to organise appropriate insurance. In the event of failure of any client (individual, company or other legal entity) to comply with these insurance conditions and requirements or to organise appropriate insurance then neither NIHI Sumba, PT Indonesia Adventure Sports, nor their officers or employees, nor any third party contracted by these companies, shall be liable in any way for any loss injury, or damages, expenses or costs arising from any incident while travelling to or at NIHI Sumba.


Drone Policy

We appreciate that some of our guests would like to use drones in order to capture special images, memories, and/or footage of their time at NIHI® Sumba but we also need to guarantee that all of our guests are afforded the highest levels of safety and privacy during their stay with us.

We do permit our guests to bring a personal drone to the island for photography or videography purposes but please note that it must be declared to the NIHI® Sumba team on arrival, who will then advise on safety and security, including details around approved fly zones and flying times. Download the full policy here.