Engage in local customs that you will not find anywhere else in the world!

Our very own skilled Pasola horsemen will present a short demonstration and guide you in their high-adrenaline tradition of throwing spears, while you are dressed in cultural attire. Once you look the part, from the safety of our equestrian arena you will be mounted bareback on one of our Sumba ponies to try your hand at spear throwing.

We should mention this is a LOT of fun and creates great photo opportunities! Sumbanese ponies have bloodlines from Mongolian and Arab horses that were bought to Sumba as trade for the coveted local Sandalwood and spices. Though a small breed, Sumbanese ponies are very agile and highly spirited, making them ideal horses for racing, the dominant sport of the island.

This has earned Sumba a reputation for the fastest and most sought-after ponies in Indonesia.

Experience details

max 10 guests 1 hour on demand