Have you ever felt as if you have been let in on a treasured secret? That is what it feels like to discover NIHI Spa Safari™ for the first time. Plunged into a bewitching world where the frontier of reality quickly surrenders to unregulated freedom, where fantasy and frolic form the perfect emulsion.

This is a place that transcends spa, a safari of the soul, so to speak; a place to breathe, share, be wild, and melt into raw emotion.

You arrive to the Spa Safari™, a short distance from the resort, in adventurous style; by horseback, safari jeep or spirited sunrise trek through rolling hills and expansive rice fields. Warm Sumba smiles and heart welcome you to this mythical setting which draws upon an energy of otherworldly nature that could only be imagined by the divine. Intimate treatment Bales dramatically perch on emerald green cliffs confronted by sweeping views of sapphire sea - the rhythm of waves and swaying of palm trees your meditation.

Free of rules and conventions, NIHI Spa Safari™ is a universe of desires where time feels suspended in song. Today you are invited to compose your own wellness concerto for the full or half day. Begin with a refreshing swim in the sea followed by breakfast cooked on an open fire or simply dive into your selection of bottomless treatments, an unexpected collection of wellness experiences inspired by the rousing tales of Indonesia’s rich healing history all firmly rooted in the comforts of classic methodologies.

Whatever your desires, this undeniably alluring wellness Spa Safari™ adventure evokes a playful and pure spirit, a living temple where body and soul become lyrical and an undefinable perfume of joy floats in the tropical breeze.

Be Wild. Be Free. Be Well

Experience details

max. 5 couples 4 or 8 hours scheduled