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Turtle Release

For over 120 millions years sea turtles have survived the world’s oceans, crossing great distances in an epic journey that starts from birth.

Today, human impact and a changing environment threaten their existence. Indonesia is home to six of the seven remaining turtle species in the world, and in Sumba alone we can find five of those species.

The Nihi Sumba Turtle Hatchery initiative was started in 2004 in response to seeing thousands of turtle eggs being sold in the local markets. We receive eggs all year round from local communities around the resort, offering the locals a reward for each egg that is brought to us in good condition. The eggs are buried under the sand in our hatchery and after seven to twelve weeks hundreds of baby hatchlings are ready to be released into the ocean.

The small percentage of the turtles that survive will always come back to the same beach to mate and lay their eggs. It remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries how they manage to find their way back after epic migrations at sea. It is a beautiful experience watching them make their first steps towards their new adventures at sea.

Check with your Guest Kapten or Boathouse crew for day and timing of the release.