Experience Nihi With Our Pre-Bundled Fun

Embracing Sumba

The magic of Indonesia is that its many islands maintain their own cultures, religions, and traditions.

Tour Sumba

Sumba is an exceptionally large island, but guests will catch a glimpse of rituals and everyday routines with our packaged tour of local life.

The Secret is Out

Indonesian for “Secret,” the New “Rahasia” Villa Offers a Playground of Privacy Atop the Resort’s Coveted Spa Safari


If you are looking for the ultimate spa getaway, this package provides the very best of our treatments, virtually endless.

Barefoot Luxury Retreats

For guests looking to incorporate yoga and meditation into every activities, our Yoga Retreat Package takes the very best of our excursions with the added feature of yoga sessions from our professional resident yoga instructor.

Stay ‘N’ Ride

Nihi’s state of the art equestrian facility sandalwood stables offers an unforgettable vacation for horse lovers and experienced riders