For those who are up to the challenge of fishing the Indonesian Archipelago, our Boathouse team can guide anglers from amateurs to enthusiasts on unique and unparalleled fishing on remote waters. There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of reeling in a big catch from the deep blue and having our chefs serve it up sashimi style or for your evening meal!

Our Indian Ocean-facing coastline features an abundantly rich marine environment, hosting one of the largest concentrations of phytoplankton nutrients in the world. The summer season blooms, due to strong monsoonal winds that create a huge coastal ocean upwelling, which generously supports the marine ecosystem with a thriving food chain.

Deep sea fishing off of the coast of Nihi produces some impressive catches. Our offshore eco-systems provide an active deep sea fishing excursion for big game enthusiasts. Plenty of sites that attract underwater sea life enable us to access thrilling fishing adventures, with deep and shallow reefs, pinnacles, mountain bombies, rocky caves, FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) and drop-offs to name a few. Our boathouse is equipped with the full range of fishing equipment for many techniques including trolling with rapalas, feathers, baited hooks & lures, surface casting lures and poppers, light jigging, and fishing rigs.

Our expert boatmen and local fishermen will locate the most active spots, and assist with prep and line as needed. Set out early in the morning and your catch will be ready for lunch! For the more intrepid guest, a two-hour spearfishing class combines sport with the awe of the underwater world. If you prefer to relax on the water, enjoy a scenic boat ride with a breakfast or lunchtime troll, then jump in the water for a swim with colorful fish.


Experience details

Max. number of guests depends on the boat. There’s a 20% cancelation fee.

max. 4 to 6 guests 2 hours/4 hours/8 hours on demand

We have expert instructors ready to guide you through one of the most exhilarating of fishing experiences! If it is your first time spearfishing or you’re still a beginner, a lesson is mandatory. Confidence in the ocean is a necessary prerequisite. Within three hours you will have an introduction to freediving, breath holding, and a familiarization with equipment. This includes an in-water assessment to help us tailor a spearfishing experience that suits your hunting preferences & diving skills.


Experience details

Minimum age is 14 years old.

max. 2 guests 2 hours on demand