In addition to surfing, we now offer another adrenaline fix on our world class waves!

From beginner to advanced levels, depending on the wind conditions and direction, you can launch from our resort-front beach and kitesurf along our 2.5km coastline. Beginners will learn with training kites, and there are beautiful, calm, deserted beaches a short drive away where the conditions are ideal.

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Lesson 1

Like surfing, you will learn the basics on the beach, becoming familiar with the equipment operation, comprehending tide and wind direction, and learning safety measures.

On The Water

Lesson 2

We will take instruction out on the water so that the student will have a feel for the conditions and become comfortable with “Body Dragging,” which is to propel yourself through the water using the kite without a board, understanding how wind direction will affect your ride as well as returning to your board should you lose it. We will add a board to your lesson if progression is fast.

On The Board

Lesson 3

The third lesson will focus on riding safely and in control and include more technical maneuvers for a long, thrilling ride with wind conditions. Techniques such as carving and turns may be taught. Once up and riding we will teach you edging techniques and how to ride upwind.

Experience Details

Kite rentals are also available for experienced surfers.

  • max. 2 guests
  • 2 hours (per class)
  • on-demand

Zero to Hero

Full Course

If kitesurfing is your goal, let us support you to a level of confidence that you will go out on the water with your own gear. This session is for the dedicated enthusiast ready to commit to the sport!