Christmas Angels

The generosity of the Nihi family from around the world has been an incredible gift to the island, transforming the lives of our local community and offering hope to future generations for a better life. Through our culturally immersive activities and excursions, guests interact with children and teachers at schools, meet generations of families in local villages, and observe a day in the life of farming and other arduous tasks necessary for survival.

The Sumbanese are a Christian culture who are naturally friendly and caring by nature. At Nihi, we have developed a mutually respectful relationship with our surrounding communities, both for our efforts to support the Sumba Foundation’s humanitarian efforts and our resort’s employment opportunities, and in return we are grateful for the Sumbanese’ loving embrace of our guests who explore the island. This past Christmas, we invited children from nearby schools to join us at the resort for lunch, ice cream, popcorn, and receive presents so thoughtfully sent from one of our devoted guests abroad. Tucked inside of new school bags were colorful pens, with dolls for the girls and Legos for the boys.

The children played on the beach, and were joined by their contemporaries from English Goes to Kampung, a local non-profit that focuses on education, empowerment, the environment, and culture. The students brought their beautiful voices to island-style caroling, singing familiar Christmas favorites from many countries — the most remarkable gift for our guests who chose to spend their holiday with us, and a reminder that the spirit of peace and love can reach the furthest corners of the world.

We hope you enjoy the photos and video, and are as touched as those of us fortunate to have been there!