Do you have babysitters available?

/Do you have babysitters available?

Do you have babysitters available?

Yes, we do have babysitters available. We would need several days advance notice to make the arrangements.

We do offer supervision for children and toddlers.  We are most comfortable if infants are able to eat solid foods and are able to be away from a parent for more than just a few hours. Please remember that we are in a remote location and that a majority of our staff are loving, loyal local Sumbanese for whom English is limited. The old adage, “It takes a village,” certainly applies to Sumba’s culture, so child rearing comes naturally to our native friends.  As our resort grows, so have our resources to access and training. We have on site translation so that our nannies are able follow instructions well, and they are expected to be able to swim, should children want to splash around in the water.  We have a full-time paramedic on the premises 24 hours a day, and swift communication for emergencies. For parents who want a quiet dinner, or to enjoy any of our wonderful daytime excursions, please be reassured that friendly, professional childcare is available. However, presently, if you are looking for highly qualified caregivers with first aid credentials, we recommend keeping your little ones in your company.

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