Motion Dynamics

A Rare Guru Visit for an Optimized Self

Many of our guests are familiar with the aches and pains of long-haul travel. Most often, these discomforts are symptoms of routine daily activities (think: poor posture, endless office hours, or court sports on an old athletic injury), not just abundant air miles. Since the root causes of soreness, or even limited mobility, are sometimes difficult to isolate, we are fortunate to have established a relationship with the Hong Kong-based team behind Motion Dynamics that provides remedial and corrective bodywork for those seeking to restore “a spring in their step.”

Motion Dynamics CEO Chris Watts and co-director Luz Watts introduced their “Stretch and Align” program at Nihi Sumba in July of this year. After our own CEO & Managing Director was treated for pelvic misalignment with a tailored experience and specific approach that restored his well being, we invited Chris and Luz to organize a ten-day clinic offering both classes and individual evaluations for guests. In their own words, they share how the Nihi Sumba collaboration unfolded, and the benefits of future visits (spoiler alert: they will return in 2020 for an extended guru stay!).

In April 2019 the former Vice President of JP Morgan Asia Pacific who is a regular “Stretch and Align” customer at Motion Dynamics (Hong Kong) along with his entire family, referred us to a close business associate who is the CEO of Nihi Sumba. Recent accolades highlight the resort’s personalized service, attention to detail, commitment to local communities and customs, preservation of the island, and many more very positive inputs. We were especially struck by the resort’s support of The Sumba Foundation, which focuses on village-based projects that measurably impact local quality of life.

Because of our common interests, goals, and aspirations for humanities and community, this feels naturally in step with our thoughtful assessment of the human body, improving movement, and other intentions for a more optimized self.

In other words, the setting is the ideal backdrop for our system!