The Water Project

In our effort to preserve the ecosystem of Sumba and to rid ourselves of single-use plastics, we are now producing our very own remineralized drinking water.

Though we are on an island surrounded by the sea, this was no small feat.

Our ocean is very rough and difficult to source water from, so we called in the help of many professionals to find the solution and create a sustainable source of clean drinking water.

After years of hard work, the wells are ready, and we are pumping sea water through a reverse osmosis system that removes salinity and any impurities. The water then cycles through a state-of-the-art bottling plant, where we clean it further, remineralize it, and bottle it in reusable Nihi glass bottles.

Sealed with our Nihi stickers, we dispatch the water throughout the resort. Grab an earth-friendly papaya plant straw, and take a sip!