Near NIHI Sumba there are boisterous and unique markets where you can see the piles of dried fish, chili peppers, tobacco, and betel nuts that the locals so highly cherish. You are sure to meet some great characters and it’s quite interesting to see the “pasar” and all of the vendors hawking their wares.

A trip through town includes a stop at the local fruit stand, a local Sumbanese antique store, and any other attractions that you might spot in passing. On Wednesdays you can see a traditional local market at Kabukarudi (Lamboya) and the market at Pededewatu (Rua) on Saturdays for more insight into the everyday lives of the Sumbanese.

On the way back we will also stop at one of the local art shops, the perfect chance to acquire gifts and souvenirs.

Experience details

unlimited 2:30 hours scheduled