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Inspire & Be Inspired

NIHI Sumba is a place to inspire and be inspired. We invite world class talent from around the world to share their passion with our staff and guests including culinary arts, outdoor adventure, entertainment, spa therapies & healing modalities, photography and much more!

View our upcoming lineup below. Activities offered by Visiting Gurus may be pre-booked with your hotel reservation in order to guarantee a spot.

Do you have a special gift you’d like to bring to the Edge of Wildness? To apply to be Nihi’s next visiting Visiting Guru send your CV and cover letter to

Dining in Paradise

Chef Alejandro

Chef Alejandro

Bali’s La Pacha Mama

By popular demand, Mexican chef Alejandro Montano returns to Nihi to serve his signature ceviche and margaritas to the boat house bar, as well as his creative specials to dinners at Ombak.

Ayuko & Shugo

Ayuko & Shugo

Sushi & Sake Masters

Imported from Tokyo, the duo will handcraft a seven course men for guests at our beachfront omakase bar, Kaboku. Sushi classes and saki tastings also available.

Matt Ross

Matt Ross

Coffee Master

Matt Ross has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to creating what Harrods regard as one of the best two coffees in the world. Each coffee requires 50 people over 5 months to make. As rare as it is remarkable, each cup is unique, never to be repeated.

Matt will present this unique and remarkable coffee ceremony to you. Theatrical and enchanting, Ross Kopi creates rare moments which engage the imagination and elevates life.



Augusto Vegas

Augusto Vegas

Survival Apnea

Waterman (Surfer & Freediver) Augusto spends his year sharing knowledge in the practises of breathing, breath holding, and healthy living. Augusto is the co-founder of Survival Apnea, an education system that shares Surfer´s and Freediver´s insights with the aim to help individuals increase performance in all types of stressful and challenging situations through the development of self awareness & self control. Parallel to the above, he is a Head Coach at Wildfitness. which allows him to share knowledge & skills on how to live a healthy and balanced life, based on the observation of nature and human evolution.

Carol Sharp

Carol Sharpe

Equine Communication & Energy Healing Facilitator

Don’t miss this deeply profound, unique experience of learning the unspoken language of the equine and self – healing with our magical Sumba horses and our very own “Sumba Horse Whisperer” Carol in her specialized Equine Connective Session.

Carol is the founder and developer of Nihi’s Sandalwood Stables and horses have been a part of her life for over 40 years. She has also long been a student and facilitator of various self-awareness and self-healing modalities and specializes in the practice of Reiki and meditation with horses.

Dustin & Nova

Dustin and Nova Brown

Yoga & Wellness Warriors

Dustin & Nova Brown are the visionaries and founders behind Warrior One Yoga, bespoke bayside yoga studios in Brighton and Mordialloc. They will be offering a series of yoga & movement workshops at Nihi Sumba including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Acrovinyasa® and Yoga Tune Up®.

Dustin grew up in Kauai, Hawaii and after travelling the world as a professional surfer he settled in Melbourne with his wife, Nova. He is a dedicated yogi, vedic meditator, yoga teacher, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and wellness warrior who is making waves in the yoga world! As a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt athlete- training, coaching and competing within Australia and Internationally, Dustin brings his martial arts and surfing background to his yoga practice. His teaching style encourages exploring the potential of the body through the practice of mindful movement. Nova is loved and respected for creating an OMazing community, an inspiring studio and transformative retreat experiences.


Arts & Entertainment

Jason Wolcott

Jason Wolcott


Freelance photographer  Jason ‘woolly’ Wolcott has been behind the camera for the better part of two and a half decades. With more than 60 magazine covers and 10,000+ images published in the water sports and travel genres, he is one of most accomplished photographers in the action sports world. From surfing to kitesurfing he is known as one of the best in water photographers there is. Jason has now added publisher to his credits becoming an ownership partner, international editor, and chief photographer of Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine.

With Jason’s keen eye for visual perfection and innate ability to write a story just as well as he can photograph it, he is a true creative Swiss Army knife. He is also an acclaimed landscape, travel, and fine art photographer as well as cinematographer. Let Jason create your memories at Nihi Sumba from land, sea, or air.

Tania Araujo

Tânia Araújo

Photographer & Dive Instructor

Part of Nihi’s team since 2014, Tânia believes that images have the power to condense the full beauty of a journey and adventure of a destination. Capturing unique and real moments, and sharing stories of people and places is what inspires Tânia most. Hailing from Portugal, she is also an accomplished graphic designer and a dive instructor.

With work published in over 50 top international magazines and websites, she has been collaborating with major brands within the hospitality world. In 2017, she landed the cover of Jan/Feb issue of Departures Magazine, and on the Nikon Asia website. 

Join her in discovering the best places in Sumba or have her capture your best memories on Nihi Sumba.

Jason Childs

Jason Childs


World renowned photographer Jason Childs has a long association and history with Nihi, both professionally and personally. He was one of the first to document the lives of the Sumbanese people and created nostalgic and definitive images of Nihi and Sumba. His imagery is featured throughout the resort and he was the chief photographer for the book “Sumba” for the Sumba Foundation.

Jason has been working as a professional Photo Journalist for over 30 years, he is considered to be one of the most respected and prolific photographers in surfing, his work featured in every major surf magazine including The Surfers Journal and Surfer Magazine.

Jason offers a unique tailor made photographic experience- Water, Drone and Land images of surfing, water sports, family portraits, adventure travel and lifestyle.

His work is celebrated by Nihi’s longtime guests, who have become his friends.


Past Gurus

Eric Canham

Eric Canham

Singer Song Writer

With a vast repertoire, Eric appeals to all ages, which is fitting for his performances during sunset, our daily social hour to catch the sorbet strokes across the sky.

Alex Scrimgeour

Alex Scrimgeour


Alex specializes in stress and trauma resolution using acupuncture, acupressure, and Diet Chan Facial Reflexology.

Trained at the Institiute of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine, Alex is passionate about helping people towards optimum health and happiness. So are we!

Start your journey with his foot, hand & facial reflexology session.

Shawn Heinrichs & Sarah Lewis

Filmmakers & Environmentalists

Sarah and Shawn are both key members of the team that has been creating marine protected areas in the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, the heart of the Coral Triangle. We were fortunate to have Shawn and Sarah visit NIHI in June to assess present conservation threats on Sumba and recommend preventative measures to mitigate future issues.

Shawn Heindrichs is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, photographer, scuba diver, and marine conservationist. Key areas of Shawn’s conservation focus include ending the global slaughter of sharks, protecting manta and mobula rays, and establishing marine-protected areas.

Sarah Lewis is project leader at Save our Seas Foundation and has been working on the Indonesian Manta Project to create a nationwide knowledge base of manta ray distribution, population ecology, and threats.

Charlotte Woolf

Charlotte Woolf

Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

Charlotte Woolf is a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. Specialising in mind-body transformations she travels around the World to coach private clients and teach at fitness retreats. With over 15 years of international study and teaching, Charlotte’s sessions are a fusion of styles, designed to be liberating, rejuvenating and exciting.

Charlotte works as the personal trainer and yoga instructor for Mustique island as well as a private coach. Her love for travel and adventure has led her to NIHI to join you and be a part of your wellness experience.

Lara & Benny

Lara & Benny

Yoga & Live Music

Join international touring couple Lara Zilibowitz and Benny Holloway for a sensory yoga journey of Full Body Listening. You are invited to listen, not just with your ears, but as if every cell of your body was an organ of perception, awakening to the symphony alive inside you as we move and breathe with awareness.

Through a combination of slow-flow vinyasa and yin yoga, paired with a transcendental live soundscape of Benny’s voice and guitar, we will savour the texture of every sensation as a gateway towards moving meditation and deep restoration.


Chef Andres Morataya

Panga Restaurant

We are big fans of a bush-cooked meal over an open fire, so we are honored that Panamanian Chef Andres Morataya is setting up his renowned rustic-grill approach to fresh seafood here at Nihi.  For travelers not familiar with Morataya’s restaurant, the farm-to-table Panga, this recent New York Times review should entice you to join us for his Sumbanese pop-up the month of October.

The dining experience will follow true Panga form:  watch as he works his culinary magic using his signature grill, engineered of local stone and driftwood.  Combined with simple ingredients from our organic gardens and staples from the island, your ‘catch of the day’ will receive a special twist from Morataya’s creative touch, since he refuses to let any detail go to waste.

Chris Watts & Luz Quianga

Chris Watts & Luz Quianga

Motion Dynamics™ Ltd

Stretch and Align resets, re-balances and re-aligns the body, maximising mobility.

Chris & Luz teach anatomically correct posture and increased body/movement awareness, rapidly removing tension and compression in the body.

John Pendry

John Pendry

World Champion Paraglider

Explore the beauty of Sumba from a bird’s eye view! From beginner to advanced levels, “fly” tandem with John or hone your own skills, gliding above the lush hills of Lamboya, local villages, rice paddies, water buffalo and more!