A disruptive force has emerged redefining
our understanding of health and wellbeing…

Welcome to Wild Wellness: an extraordinary active wellness immersion that fuses the magnificent rawness of nature with unscripted luxury. We believe that soul-stirring rejuvenation lies in forging an intimate connection with the power of nature. And here, amidst the unspoilt beauty of Sumba Island, the untamed becomes your guide, awakening dormant instincts and fostering a profound sense of liberation.

From the award-winning Spa Safari to a deep-dive into healing with wild horses, meditating underwater or our unparalleled Detox programme harnessing the curative properties of powerful Wallace Line plants, wellness at NIHI Sumba inspires a sensory tapestry that awakens your primal self.

NIHI Sumba is more than a wellness escape; it is a testament to the transformative potential of embracing the wild within. So, let us dare to lose ourselves, for it is in the depths of this wilderness that we find our way back to our true vibrant nature.

Be Wild. Be Free. Be Well.

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